A New Kind of Fish.

Using state-of-the-art cultivation processes that are sustainable and scalable, Avant brings you only the finest of authentic and nutritious fish products.


Bringing you fish that is authentic in origin, abundant in nutrition and quantity, approved for quality and sustainability.  Kind for the oceans and good for your health.

To be the global leader in alternative production of animal proteins thereby feeding the world through sustainable yet scalable means.

Our Technologies

Entirely free from animal cruelty, heavy metals, and microplastics

Step 1


Isolate small samples of cells from healthy, happy fish.
Step 2


Feed them nutrients and give them a nourishing environment.
Step 3


Allow them time to grow in perfectly nutrient-rich conditions.
Step 4

Bon Appétit

Meat is ready for consumption. Full of nutrition and free from pollutants.


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